The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada is the voice of the Canadian commercial real estate industry that addresses issues of national concern and promotes excellence through information, education advocacy and recognition.


What is BOMA BEST?
BOMA BEST (Building Environmental Standards) is a national program launched in 2005 by BOMA Canada to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings based on accurate, independently verified information. Today, BOMA BEST has evolved from simply identifying key best practices to providing common standards; an array of educational and on-line assessment tools; independent data audits; and a four-level performance certification program.


Awarded “BOMA BEST”
One Queen Street East & 20 Richmond Street East properties have embraced change to ensure its environmental footprint is eco-friendly. The properties received “BOMA BEST” recognition as environmentally friendly based on meeting ten environmental best practices created by BOMA that include: 

  • Lower water consumption by installing no touch flush urinals and water reducing aerators
  • Reducing energy consumption by installing Variable Speed Drives on fans and motors and the addition of sophisticated automated lighting controls
  • Waste reduction by a very extensive recycling by donating obsolete furniture, organic waste collection and the recycling of, metal, glass, plastics, paper and cardboard in addition to other recycled materials
  • Reducing Ozone depleting substances will be achieved over the next couple of years by converting our Chillers from harmful R11 Freon to environmentally safe R123


“BOMA BEST” banners are on display in the lobby for all to take pride in being environmentally conscious in the work place. 

Green Building.pngbomabest.jpg